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Childbirth Education Series at Yoga Haven

Class 1 (October 6, 2014) - Preparing for the Big Day: Planning, Stages and
Signs of Labor

Expecting couples want to learn what to expect during labor and how to know when labor has truly begun. This workshop will help demystify the birth process and help you to prepare for the big day. We will discuss the anatomy and physiology of late pregnancy, the signs and stages of labor, the importance of informed consent, the roles of your birth team members, things you can do now to increase your chances of a natural or low intervention birth, and how to prepare your birth preferences list in collaboration with you medical provider. This workshop provides the foundation for the following workshops in the series.

Class 2 (October 20, 2014) - Early Labor: Getting Into the Swing of Things

Early labor comprises approximately two-thirds of Stage 1 labor. In this workshop, you will learn what you can do during early labor to facilitate the birth process. We will cover the physical and emotional aspects of early labor, the importance of distraction and relaxation and ways to preserve your energy for the challenges of active labor ahead. You will learn when to go to the hospital as well as techniques for coping in early labor. Partners will learn ways to provide support during this time. We will also practice techniques that encourage the optimal positioning of your baby even before labor begins. This class includes  a discussion on labor induction, how and why they are done and how to make informed decisions in collaboration with your medical provider.

Class 3 (October 27, 2014) - Active Labor: Surfing the Waves

Active labor is a challenging time and many couples want to know ways to cope during this stage. We will discuss the physical and emotional aspects of active labor, comfort measures and techniques that help reduce pain and what partners can do to provide support and advocacy. We will cover the purpose of pain in labor and ways that naturally facilitate progress by incorporating movement, breath, relaxation, and other techniques. Common medical interventions such as epidural will be covered as well as cesarean delivery. You will learn how and why these procedures are done, and how to make informed decisions in collaboration with your medical provider.

Class 4 (November 3, 2014) - Meeting Your Baby: Stage 2 and 3 Labor and Early Postpartum

Stage 2 labor is an exciting time as your baby descends through the birth canal. Pushing efforts are a process facilitated by positioning and an awareness of the body's urge to bear down. We will discuss how the baby descends through the birth canal, positioning for pushing and the physical and emotional challenges of stage 2 labor. Medical interventions such as episiotomy and assisted delivery will also be covered. We will practice some positions for Stage 2 labor and things you can do now to improve the elasticity and tonicity of the pelvic floor. We will wrap up the class with a discussion of Stage 3 labor and immediate postpartum issues including: the importance of skin-to-skin contact, early bonding, cord clamping, newborn procedures and postpartum procedures and care.

Class 5 (November 9, 2014) - Basic Breastfeeding and Postpartum Wellness

This workshop covers the fundamentals of breastfeeding for expecting moms. We will cover basic anatomy and physiology of lactation, proper latch and positioning, how to know if your baby is getting enough, what to expect as you establish breastfeeding, hunger cues, how to troubleshoot common problems and much more. This workshop is for pregnant women. Partners welcome! 

Full series (5 classes) $350 per couple
Four class series (classes 1-4) $300 per couple
Breastfeeding class only $75 per couple