Yoga teachers who teach to the general population should have a basic understanding of prenatal yoga to provide safe and responsible instruction when pregnant women take regular yoga classes. This workshop is designed to help yoga teachers and teacher trainees to become more familiar with the basics of prenatal yoga and the unique needs of this population. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the changes occurring during pregnancy, common discomforts and how yoga may alleviate them, which asanas are contraindicated (and why), how to appropriately modify poses and ways to adjust your lesson plan to ensure it's both beneficial and safe for prenatal yoga students. This workshop is ideal for general teacher trainees as well as continuing education for established yoga teachers. (Note: This is a basic introduction to prenatal yoga. Completion of this workshop does not qualify as a prenatal yoga certification.) This is a 4-hour workshop.

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A 40 hour and 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher certification course are available. Learn more about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and labor and how to teach a safe, gentle prenatal yoga class. 

40 hour training is offered at YOGA HAVEN - Tuckahoe, NY

85 hour training is offered at INTEGRAL YOGA -San Francisco, CA

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This two and a half day training shows certified Prenatal Yoga teachers how to help students prepare for labor and delivery using many of the techniques and philosophies of Hatha Yoga. A comprehensive understanding of the anatomy and the physiological process will ground teachers in the dynamics of labor. Learn how positions and movement, breath and vocalization, touch and massage, relaxation, visualization, and meditation can ease labor and delivery and be effective in coping with pain. Teachers may also use this knowledge to help partners prepare to support laboring women.  Teachers will be ready to facilitate a labor preparation workshop for expectant couples/partners and incorporate labor preparation into Prenatal Yoga classes. The training offers a wonderful way for teachers to enrich and expand their offerings to prenatal students as they reach the later weeks of pregnancy. Additional independent study requirements are needed for certification. 

Prerequisite: course open to certified prenatal yoga teachers
This training fulfills 40 YA hours.

This training is offered at INTEGRAL YOGA INSTITUTE.  Contact Kelly at: for upcoming trainings.